Flock competition

Our Flock Competition was run again in 2021, after being cancelling in 2020 because of the virus. The three judges this year were Arthur Wrayford, Grace Baker and Alan Johns. 

The results were:

Best Flock of over 50 ewes – 1st Matt Cole, 2nd Harry Kerswell, 3rd Murray Garrett


Best Flock of 21 – 50 ewes – 1st Penny Shepherd, 2nd Clive Wilton, 3rd Mike Malseed


Best Flock of under 20 ewes – 1st Roger Hutchings, 2nd Theo Wilding-White, 3rd Ollie Mortimore


Best Ewe Lambs from a flock of over 20 ewes – 1st Murray Garrett, 2nd Matt Cole, 3rd Penny Shepherd


Best Ewe Lambs from a flock of under 20 ewes – 1st Ollie Mortimore, 2nd Belinda Owen, 3rd Theo Wilding-White


Best Stock Ram from all flocks – 1st Penny Shepherd, 2nd Roger Hutchings, 3rd Ollie Mortimore


Best Overall Flock – Penny Shepherd


The 2019 Class Winners were:-

Under 20 Class:

1st Alan & Lisa Johns

2nd  Sarah Watts

3rd  Caroline Belam

20-50 Class:

1st  Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford

2nd Kevin Wreyford

3rd Roy & Ruth Endacott

Over 50 Class:

1st  Grace & Fernley Baker

2nd Harry Kerswell

3rd Graham Goddard

Ewe Lambs from a flock of 20 or less:

1st  Roger Hutchings

2nd  Sarah Watts

3rd  Lucy Hawker

Ewe Lambs from a flock of over 20:

1st Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford

2nd Harry Kerswell

3rd  Clare & Chris Butcher

Champion Ram:

Kevin Wreyford (Bred by Matt Cole)

Best overall flock:

Arthur & Rosemary Wrayford

  • Baker Ewes
  • Belam Ewes
  • Butcher Lambs
  • Endacott Ewes
  • Goddard Ewes
  • Hawker Lambs
  • Hutchings Ewe Lambs
  • Johns Ewes
  • Kerswell Ewe Lambs
  • Kerswell Ewes
  • Watts Ewe Lambs
  • Watts Ewes
  • Wrayford Ewes
  • Wrayford Ewes
  • Wreyford Ewes
  • Wreyford Ram