Show and Sale

Our 71st Show and Sale will be held on Friday 26th August 2022 at Exeter Livestock Centre. The entry form is available to download here.
The Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association 70th Anniversary Show and Sale was held at Exeter Livestock Centre on Friday 27th August 2021.
The results of the Show are as follows:
Class 1 – Best Older Ram – 1st T. Wilding-White,  2nd T. Wilding-White
Class 2 – Best Ram Hogg – 1st M. Ashman, 2nd A&R Wrayford, 3rd PR Coaker
Class 3 – Best Pair of Hoggs – 1st K. Wreyford, 2nd CE Caunter, 3rd P Abel
Class 4 – Best Coated Ram – 1st P Abel, 2nd A&R Wrayford, 3rd P&W Coaker
Class 5 – Pen of 5-10 Ewes (4T and over) – 1st PR Coaker, 2nd P&W Coaker, 3rd M. Cole
Class 6 – Pen of 2-4 Ewes (4T and over) – 1st P Abel, 2nd G Stevens, 3rd M Ashman
Class 7 – Pen of 5-10 2T Ewes – no entries
Class 8 – Pen of 2-4 2T Ewes – 1st R. Endacott, 2nd P&C Caunter, 3rd M. Cocking
Class 9 – Pen of 5-10 Ewe Lambs – 1st R Endacott, 2nd C Butcher
Class 10 – Pen of 2-4 Ewe Lambs – 1st C. Butcher
Class 11 – Pen of 5-10 Crossbred Ewes – no entries
Class 12 – Pen of 5-10 Crossbred Ewe Lambs – 1st R&J Steer
Champion Ram: the 2021 Show and Sale Champion Ram was won by M Ashman
Will post some pictures of the Show and Sale when they are available.